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Coral Chronos

Bone horn necklace

Bone horn necklace

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Beautiful and unique black horn necklace made of horn in a distinctive form of a half-moon.
The length of the bone horn necklace is adjustable and is settled by horn clasp on the jewelry cord.
Thanks to handwork it is possible to get different shades of color to see the intriguing combination of black and white, which contributes to further revealing the natural beauty of this material. Each necklace is unique because it is possible to repeat form but not pattern.
The necklace is distinguished by high-quality work, beautiful glitter, rich color palette, and lightness.
Buy this necklace and you will be one and only.
The adornment is an excellent supplement to clothes and lets you look incredibly beautiful.
If you buy this necklace, you will be surprised and astonished.

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