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Aerosoft Golfo Men’s Comfortable Casual Walking Sneakers

Aerosoft Golfo Men’s Comfortable Casual Walking Sneakers

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The contemporary walking sneakers for men by Aerosoft are comfortable companions. The fabric material of men's lace-up shoes is abrasion-resistant and easy to clean for adult and aged males. The latest look of these men's casual shoes leaves an ever-lasting impression once your glance land on them. These sneakers for men have a sole filled with solace, while the outsole has optimum friction that keeps your foot firmly on the ground and prevents it from slipping. Your sole will feel highly relaxed in these canvas shoes even after long hours of walking.

·         Cotton blend fabric.

·         Traction control outsole for better grip.

·         Arch supportive sole.

·         Polyurethane sole for increased durability and comfort.

·         Trusted quality and comfort.

·         Made in Thailand.

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