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Amber Hypnos

Figure skating tights 90 denier con piede

Figure skating tights 90 denier con piede

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Professional tights for figure skating. 90 denier 3d super elastic microfiber.
Composed of hypoallergenic inguinal gusset.
Very elastic it adapts very well to the skin. Its elasticity allows the garment to adapt to the different shapes of the skater avoiding creases and imperfections. Made of microfiber that does not reflect artificial light such as spotlights and stage spotlights. The seams are flat and leave no marks on the body. The yarn is of excellent quality, is resistant and makes the sock long-lasting.
The sock is soft to the touch and fragrant.
Entirely made in Italy and handcrafted by textile technicians.

Available in color:
natural: flesh-colored style.

Size: 6-10, 8/10 , 10-12, S-M, L- XL
Size       Height(cm)   Weight          
6-8      125-140       30-38kg          

8-10     140-155       38-46kg         
10-12   155-165       46-65kg          
S-M      165-175      66-70kg           
L-XL     170-180      +70KG

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